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Tooth Removals

& Dental Implants


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Our state-of-the-art consulting suits & operating rooms were specifically designed for the delivery of oral surgery and dental implants to the highest standard of care.

With modern technologies & optimal patient workflow in mind, our practice was thoughtfully designed to ensure our patients have a seamless & anxiety free experience, from start to finish.

Explore our facilities & technology. And have peace of mind that we are prepared to meet your needs in a safe, modern and fully equiped facility.


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Our modern purpose built surgery was constructed in 2023 and is located inside 480 Specialist Centre.


480 Specialist Centre is home to a variety of specialised medical businesses, including Windsor Gardens Day Surgery.


The facility boasts over 200 free off-street parking spots

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Windsor Gardens Day Surgery is a fully accredited architecturally designed, state-of-the-art surgical facility with 3 operating theatres.

Windsor Gardens Day Surgery is located in the same building as Adelaide Tooth Removals & Dental Implants, and it is where we perform the majority of our general anaesthetic lists. Offering unparalleled convenience to our patients.

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Explore our state-of-the-art equipment and technology that allows us to deliver safe and predictable outcomes for our patients.

Digital 3D & 2D XRays

Convenience and safety

Our onsite Vatech SmartPlus ConeBeam CT allows us to create expedited 3D & 2D imaging for our patients, facilitating safe and predictable surgical planning for dental implants and wisdom teeth. All of our ConeBeam CT's are assessed and reported by a specialist maxillofacial radiologist.

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Ez3D-i 3D XRay Software.png
3D XRay Machine PNG_edited.png

Digital Intraoral 3D Scanner
Accuracy and predictability

Our onsite Medit i700 intraoral 3D scanner allows us to create instant digital 3D intraoral records. This means we don't need to use traditional messy and unpleasant impression materials or methods. These 3D digital models are used throughout our digital workflow for the creation of surgical guides and dental implants crowns.

Medit Design_edited.png

3D Printer
Guided CAD CAM Surgery

Our onsite Formlabs 3D Printer, Washer and Curer allows us to print, wash and cure our dental implant guides onsite. Giving us complete control over the produciton of our dental implant surgial guides.

FormLab 3B 3D Printer_edited.png

CAD CAM Dental Implant Software
Precision, predictability, safety

Our licensed coDiagnostiX® dental implant software is fully integrated with the rest or our digital workflow. Allowing us to safely and accurately plan anything from single dental implants to complex 'All-on-4' dental implants cases. The software allows us digitally mockup cases, digitally position implants, visualise important anatomical structures and design surgical guides.

The combination of our onsite Vatech SmartPlus ConeBeam CT machine and coDiagnostiX® software allows us to deliver patients accurate information at the time of their very first consultation.

CoDiagnostix Screen.png
Straumann Guided Surgery.jpeg

Digital Intraoal Xrays
Speed, high resolution and reduced radiation

Our Vatech Intraoral XRay source and Intraoral sensors create instant sharp images with a very low dose of radiation to our patients. Just another way we strive to improve the safety a convenience for our patients.

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