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Refer a patient

For health care proffesionals

We understand dentists and doctors are busy.

At Adelaide Tooth Removals and Dental Implants we have several methods available for accepting referrals.

Please choose whichever method is the most convenient for you.


Unsecure electronic referrals

Referrals sent via electronic methods such as via email or electronically submittable forms are unsecure. All referring dentists need to be clear with patients that whilst electronic communication is fast and efficient, any information transmitted electrontically may end up in the public domain.

Doctors & dentists should obtain and document informed consent before sending referrals electronically.

If either you or your patient are uncomfortable with this, please use a traditional hardcopy referral, or simply ask your patient to contact us directly. Referrals are not required at Adelaide Tooth Removals.

Hint: Fill out this form on your smart phone to snap & upload pictures of XRays & other images.

Refer online
Order referral pads & business cards
Notebooks and Pencils


Fill out the form below and we'll post your practice a set of referral pads and business cards right away.

Thanks. Your referral pads and business cards are on their way!

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